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Kids Products


    About our Kids Products

    We take pride in selling high-quality, premium children's products here at Haletek Industries. We provide life-enriching products that can make their life so much more fun and interactive. Innovative design and durability are two critical components for each and every one of our products. Children need now more than ever enriching and satisfying playtime! We offer an array of products not only for fun but also for learning.

     Older children will love our  Flying Fox Vortex 9 PRO Dual Camera Drone is equipped with a powerful wide-angle 4K camera on the front and a 720p at the bottom. The front camera has 45 degrees adjustment level and 110 degrees wide-angle, which can help you to film and capture all the beautiful scenes. It can be a great bonding experience and also fun for adults!

    For the little little ones we offer a lovely baby highchair Inspired by an egg shape, this toddler chair has an adorable appearance. The vibrant colors can please your baby and lessen the probability of crying. The backrest and the feeding tray can both be adjusted at 3 positions. The detachable lower part serves as an individual activity table or reading desk.

    For future drivers, we offer a children's  3 wheels double drive electric motorcycle. The handles and pedals are designed to give the child the feeling of driving for the first time. Children can drive by themselves, and parents can guide children as needed. At the same time, the three wheels can also ensure the safety of the child. Children can enjoy their pleasant music by playing their favorite music and stories via the helpline or USB provided. The car is easy to operate and the child can drive to any place he wants. Your child will enjoy every moment of driving in a toy car. This is the perfect gift for the children!

    High-quality merchandise combined with exceptional customer service has always been and will continue to be the secret to our success. Please have a look at our selection of kid's products. Haletek is ready to help you have a more enjoyable and effective online shopping experience. All of our purchases include free shipping! If you have any questions, please contact our helpful customer service team.

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