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Furnishings & Kitchen


About our Furnishings and Kitchen

Here at Haletek Industries, we take pride in ourselves in selling high-quality, premium furnishing and kitchen products. We offer life pleasure enhancing products that you never knew could make life so simple and relaxing.  Each of our product lines has two crucial components: innovative design and endurance. 


We offer a variety of modern furnishing for your home. Quality and care went behind the construction of these products and rest assured your friends and family will be comfortable and impressed with our stylish options. The Upland electric fireplace will may any environment cozy and warm. Have the ambiance of a regular fireplace at a much more affordable cost well avoiding any sooty, smokey clean-up after.  Our very affordable ottomans are not only for putting your feet up after a long day's work but also have compartment storage to help organize and keep your living room clutter-free. Our tv cabinets have plenty of room and storage to keep all your electronics in one place and are more than adequate for larger TVs. 


Our anti-fog mirror is a refreshing step into the future. This lighted mirror equipped with an anti-fogging function design avoids condensations of water mist and achieves defogging effect, ensuring that there's no need to continually wipe your mirror with spray multiple times during a nice steam shower and you'll step out to a perfectly clear reflection. The sensitive touch button allows you to adjust the brightness from dim to bright or change different color temperatures by a slight touch on the mirror. 


Our key for success has always been and will continue to be high-quality items mixed with excellent customer service. Please browse through our array of furnishing and kitchen products. Haletek is ready to make your online shopping experience more fun and successful. All of our items include free shipping! Please reach out to our friendly customer support team with any questions you may have.

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