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Not Changing Your Name Following Your Wedding?

So you've officially been married. You've returned from your honeymoon and are considering

Not Changing Your Name Following Your Wedding?

whether to alter your name. For a variety of reasons, spouses choose not to alter their names, and some even opt to compromise by hyphenating their last name and adding their husband's last name to demonstrate status and dedication to the new marriage. In this blog post, we'll explain why not changing your name after marriage isn't as horrible as it may appear and what you can do to make the process smoother if you do decide to accept your husband's last name.

Can I Retain my Name Upon Marriage?

Before getting married, many women begin to wonder if it is permissible to keep their maiden name after marriage. When you marry, you are free to maintain your name or take your husband's name, but one thing is certain: in most states and nations, the decision is entirely yours. In fact, it is becoming increasingly common for a newlywed lady to retain her maiden name. It comes down to preference and personal preference.

Many women retain their maiden name because they marry later in life or because their careers are already in full swing and it would be financially and professionally dangerous to pick a new name (possibly seen as a new identity altogether). Personal branding is a significant weapon in today's culture, and, to put it simply, name recognition confers power, something that many women are unwilling to give up.

What Is the Name Given to a Married Woman Who Retains Her Maiden Name?

There are various alternatives for what you and others can call you if you choose to retain your maiden name upon marriage. Ms. or Mrs. may be used, as in "Mr. Jackson and Mrs. Smith." If you prefer that your title not be connected with your marital status, you may alternatively choose "Ms." The most important thing to remember is that it is your choice. Before choosing a choice, you should investigate the reasons why individuals change their names.

Does Deadline Exist for Name Change Following Marriage?

No, your marriage license does not expire, thus there is no time restriction or deadline for a name change after marriage. In reality, many spouses and newlyweds opt to "wait and see" what occurs after they are wed.

Can I Retain my Surname and add my Spouse's?

Again, this is a personal decision that you and your new spouse will typically make together. There may be a benefit to hyphenating your name with your husband's, but no one can say for definite. Many new spouses choose hyphenation because it may appear to them to be the "best of both worlds" because they won't lose their own name (personal brand) and they have the option to use their husband's name, which (at least in some cultures) may carry weight due to the high expectations women now have regarding the family's wealth and last name as a status symbol. We have compiled a comprehensive guide on the steps necessary to change your name.

Why is Taking Your Husband's Surname Important?

In a series of Google Consumer Surveys, the New York Times found that more than 70 percent of American women choose to assume their husband's last name. As stated above, a husband's surname is significant for a variety of reasons, not simply as a signal of social standing. This decision is made by many newlyweds since it strengthens their bond and devotion to one another. This gesture is straightforward and leaves no space for debate.

How Does One Legally Change Their Name Following Marriage?

Changing your name officially following marriage is a straightforward process if you have all of the necessary paperwork in hand.

Follow these procedures to legally change your name without the headache of additional paperwork:

When applying for a marriage license, you must seek and get certified copies in advance (it may be a good idea to purchase three copies, to start)

Securely save your certificates and marriage license (this could be a safe or secure box in your home)

  • Ensure that your Social Security card is current

  • Change the information on your driver's license or state identification card

  • Request a new United States passport and travel documents.

  • Change your bank account names or register a joint account with your new spouse.

  • Lastly, remember to update your credit cards and existing employment with your new name (and insurance agent)

Let LegalShield Help You Change Your Name

We understand that changing your name might appear to be a difficult task. LegalShield can help you change your name today if you're ready.

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