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Anti Fog Mirrors & You

"On the wall, mirror, mirror.

Which of the following is the most obvious?"

We're going to take a long, hard look at anti-fog bathroom mirrors in this blog post.

When I was asked to write an article about anti-fog bathroom mirrors, the song "I can see clearly now" by Johnny Nash immediately came to mind.

In some ways, this catchy tune and anti-fog bathroom mirrors are quite similar:

They'll leave you feeling upbeat, will improve your mood significantly, and are the ideal way to begin your day.

If you're unfamiliar with anti-fog bathroom mirrors, continue reading as I'll address the following questions:

  • What is a bathroom mirror that is anti-fog?

  • How do they function?

  • Why should I invest in one?

  • Where can I purchase one?

What is a bathroom mirror that is anti-fog?

Anti-fog bathroom mirrors incorporate a heated element that, when activated, prevents the accumulation of condensation that can occur while bathing or showering or running the hot tap on your basin. As a result, you should always be able to see a clear reflection.

Anti-fog bathroom mirrors are referred to by a variety of different names, depending on who you speak with or where you look. Bathroom mirrors that do not fog are referred to as non-misting mirrors, demister mirrors, anti-steam mirrors, and de-fog mirrors.

However, they all perform essentially the same function.

How is a fog-free mirror created?

Now for the scientific section:

Condensation occurs on windows and glass surfaces when hot water from your bath, shower, or basin converts to steam and then cools to a liquid state. Regrettably, because it forms on surfaces such as mirrors that are cooler than the surrounding air, it causes them to fog up, impairing their reflective properties.

To avoid this, the mirror's surface temperature must be closer to that of the surrounding air, which is where anti-fog bathroom mirrors come into play. When activated, a heating element warms the mirror's surface, which significantly reduces the likelihood of condensation forming, resulting in a fog-free mirror.

Anti-fog bathroom mirrors are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and may include lighting as well as advanced features such as infrared on/off switches, which are especially useful when you have soapy hands. If you simply want to upgrade your existing mirror, you can purchase a demister pad and attach it to the rear.

Non-misting bathroom mirrors typically require mains wiring and can be connected to your existing bathroom light circuit to operate in conjunction with your main light.

This means that if you're considering installing one, you should consult a qualified electrician.

Operating costs are comparable to those of a single light bulb.

The advantages of an anti-mist bathroom mirror

There is no waiting, no smearing, and only crystal clear vision.

Ideal for those early morning rushes

Ideal for preparing for nights out

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